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Read an excerpt of ODIN’S WOLVES by Giles Kristian!

Read an excerpt of ODIN’S WOLVES by Giles Kristian!

The last novel in the Giles Kristian’s RAVEN Viking trilogy is Odin’s Wolves. Read an excerpt below.

They came from the North and fought their way through France and Spain. Now this fearless band of brothers sets sail for the greatest city in the world.
Plunging through the living hell of Pope Leo’s shattered, perverted Rome, the dragon-faced ships of Sigurd the Lucky are manned by a strange and fearsome crew: bearded Norse raiders who sacrifice their vanquished enemies to Odin, brave Greek warriors, a Moor, and an English monk. Among the Norsemen is Raven, a young man of uncertain parentage who is able—from the depths of his blood-spotted eye—to glimpse the future. Robbed of the woman he loves, Raven is destined to play a cunning role in the boldest of attacks. For the Vikings are on their way to glimmering Constantinople to put a deposed emperor back on his rightful throne—and claim the most magnificent prize of all.

Watch the trailer here and read an excerpt below.

Odin’s Wolves (Raven Book 3) is on sale October 30th.

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